Our Story

Stoneleigh Knowle

Nestled between the ancient Manors of Penfound and Penhallym, our special piece of Cornwall has been providing for its community through farming, woodland management and apple pressing from the time when the first Medieval settlement stood here on a ‘Stone Noll’.

Creating an eco-system

Since becoming custodians, The Palmer family approach has been to improve the eco system at Stoneleigh Knowle. Enabling a rich, natural and diverse landscape in which flora and fauna can thrive. It is a place to really enjoy Cornwall’s wildlife. Hedges have been traditionally ‘steeped’ to create wildlife corridors and bird nesting sites. Deer, badgers, foxes, owls, and bats have found refuge in the sanctuaries created for them within the woodland where native bluebells and wild primroses now generously carpet the  floors. 

Meadows and woodland

The process of re-wilding has begun. We have gathered and scattered wildflower seed by hand in a bid to improve  propagation rates. As a result we are already seeing an increase in the number and variety of insects and butterflies. Our hay is cut late in the year to allow the wildflowers to grow which provides for butterflies, bees and other pollinators and offers cover for ground nesting birds. Our woodlands are slowly being reverted to native broadleaf. We extract firewood from them and dry it naturally, this is then provided to our guests as a sustainable and carbon friendly source of fuel for our log burners.

Our sustainable cottages

Our sustainable approach has naturally spilled over to the management of the cottages. Careful choices have been made over everything from cleaning products to our fixtures and furnishings and even our bins, attempting to reduce our carbon footprint and the effects we have on the environment whilst still offering the luxury we know our guests want and love.