Frequently Asked Questions

Is there good internet access at the cottages?

The cottages are equipped with free superfast wifi .

Can I get a mobile signal at the cottages?

Mobile signal depends on your service provider, but most providers have 4G in the area. The thick stone walls of the cottages can interrupt the mobile signal.

How are the cottages heated?

The cottages are heated by electric radiators. We ask guests to consider turning radiators off when they go out or over night, but we recognise that people’s comfort levels are different, so we leave you in control of the temperature and the turning on and off of heating.

Will there be enough hot water for us all to shower comfortably?

Each cottage has a tank of hot water for use in the sinks and baths, the tank is heated daily but you will have access to the controls so if you require more it is easily accessible to you. The showers are heated on demand, so they never run out of hot water.

Do you provide logs for the log burner?

We provide each cottage a basket of logs and a starter kit including matches, fire-lighters and kindling.

Are dogs welcome and do they need to be kept on a lead and can I leave them alone at the cottage?

Dogs are very welcome to stay. As a general rule we allow two in each cottage. If you wanted to bring more than this please discuss your requirements with us.


We ask that they be kept under control but this doesn’t mean that they must be kept on a lead, you know your own dog and what is appropriate for them.


Dogs are not able to be left alone at the cottages- we know from past experience that this can make even the most calm of dogs feel abandoned and cause stress which in turn causes damage to the cottages. There are a number of local kennels and dog walkers who might be able to help if you’d like a day out without fido.

Can I bring another type of pet on holiday?

Quite possibly, please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements ahead of booking.