COVID Frequently Asked Questions

I am considering booking a property for later this year/ next year, but what happens if we are in a lockdown, will I get a refund?

If the cottage cannot be provided to you because of future Government restrictions or for another reason then you would be entitled to a refund. If the property you booked is available but you are unwilling or unable to travel to undertake your holiday, we are unable to provide a refund. We recommend that our guests take out appropriate travel insurance.

What steps have you taken to help mitigate the risks of Coronavirus?

We have made a number of changes at the cottages; we have removed a few facilities to help prevent any cross-contamination for example some books and games within the cottages, some of our scatter cushions etc.. We have put a washing machine in to each cottage so that guests no-longer need to access the shared laundry facility. We have defined areas for each cottage to use as their own private space. Our cleaners are following the rigorous guidelines of a clean and sanitise protocol. For transparency we have included this protocol lower down this page. They will need to be given more time to prepare the property for your arrival.  This means that you MUST abide by the arrival and departure times specified.  

What should I do if I get ill with Covid19 symptoms or I am contacted by an official body and told to self-isolate whilst staying at the cottages?

Under these circumstances you would need to inform us of the situation and immediately return to your home address where you will have your own support structures in place. We would then isolate the cottage and prepare a post Covid19 clean. In circumstances where a guest chooses not to return home and instead remains at the cottage, they will become responsible for the costs of all affected bookings.- Please refer to our T’s and C’s for more details.

Have you put in place any special Covid procedures and measures?

1. Contact between host and guest will be minimised through.

a. the emailing of pre-arrival information, self-check-in and check-out and any daily contact via text or phone.

b. Guest information covering aspects of how things work in the cottage will be found in a guest folder that will be cleaned and sanitised between each guest.

c. Staff will not enter the cottages whilst a guest is present except in the case of an emergency. Any maintenance issues will be dealt with whilst the guests are absent.

d. Guests will be provided with information about our departure procedures.


2. Cleaning between guests will be carried out as safely as possible through

a. Co-ordination and training by our professional cleaning company who will ensure that their staff in attendance are fit and well with adequate training, appropriate PPE and equipment.

b. Cleaners will wash their hands regularly during the cleaning process and a hand washing facility will be set up within the laundry room.

c. Properties will be aired during cleans.

d. Used linen will be carefully removed from the properties and bagged for collection by the linen company.

e. All rubbish will be removed from the properties before cleaning starts.

f. Cleaning will follow a two stage process of a clean followed by a sanitisation as per the attached ‘Cleaning Check List’ .

g. New bed linen and towels will be provided by our professional laundry supplier who has confirmed that linen is washed at appropriately high temperatures.

3. Contact between guests from different properties will be minimised through.

a. Clearly defined private outside space including tables/ seating and BBQs

b. Ping-Pong table can be accessed through the provision of separate bats and balls to each cottage and the provision of sanitisation equipment for the table.

c. Each cottage has been provided with a washing machine within their cottage so use of the shared laundry is no longer required.

d. Cottages will be provided with separate clothes drying facilities so that communal facilities will no longer be required.

4. Risk to all guests will be minimised through.

a. Notification procedures and immediate departure of any guest who has symptoms of Covid19 or has been asked to isolate by an official body.

b. The removal of unnecessary furnishings within each cottage. Guests will find that there is a reduction in scatter cushions, books and games. Any such items that have not been removed will be appropriately sanitised.